I heard Mack McGhee speak at an orientation for a job I acquired as youth counselor at a residential treatment facility in Chicago, 1998. He was addressing an auditorium of young men as the new supervisor of the unit. It was not only what he said, but how passionately he said it that’s never left me.

“Everyone is born behind the 8-ball. From time to time in life, we find ourselves behind in some things — behind in academics, behind in athletics, you may even feel behind in life. All of us are behind in something; but that doesn’t have to be the end to YOUR story. It’s up to all of us, up to all of YOU, to take a negative and turn it into a positive.”

He challenged those young men to identify what in their lives had left them deficient. His point was that all of us can use in what we’re behind as a tool to fuel some level of achievement. McGhee went on to say, “We may all be born behind the 8-ball; at the same time though, we’ve all been given into our hands something of value. What’s in your hand?” The artist has the simple tool of a brush in his hand; the tennis player a mere racket in her hand, and writers having pens in their hands. Behind a podium, with a lil’ microphone in his hand is where Mack becomes BIG — nothing short of an oratorical phenom.

I was 23 when I first witnessed Mack motivate. Today, I’m a 47 year old preacher and pastor. Now while I’ve been privy to several of his talks, I can say that what I heard back in ‘98 even helped me develop what was given me in MY hand. Mack is a passionate orator who does not speak what is rehearsed; but rather what he has learned and lived. He has the unique ability to craft life’s lessons into motivational energy. Whether to incarcerated persons, or to a board room of executives; whether to a graduating class, or speaking behind the performance of a popular rap artist or on the heels of the renown Les Brown, Mack McGhee finds a way to fully relate to audiences and (as younger generations say) “keep it 💯.”

A natural thinker on his feet, McGhee is not bound to a manuscript when he presents. As a quarterback can read a defense he’s facing and see the need to call an audible, Mack can gauge an audience he’s facing and adjust when there is need for more of an impulsive engagement. This is refreshing, as it communicates to hearers an authenticity coming to meet them head on. He ought to be known as hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest describes, the “man wit’ the mic in his hand.” If I summarized McGhee in one sentence, it would be, “the man with the mic in his hand is creatively unpredictable” — innovative, but with a twister: you never see coming what he has up his sleeve. This kind of brilliance and giftedness is rare, especially in the arena of motivational speaking.

I highly encourage corporations, universities, churches, small businesses, youth groups and the like, to acquire his services. In the near future, Mack will present at the church I’ll be serving, as well as to nearby community centers. Stylish and clean cut, while sporting his signature dimple, Mack offers a positive presence and an initiative to combat discouragement, burn-out, and low productivity. Participants in his workshops undoubtedly leave changed and renewed. As you consider scheduling his services, you should know that the inevitable is on the horizon. Already a dynamic speaker, I can only imagine to what heights he’ll elevate. Invite him while you can! Mack McGhee is soon to become one of the keynotes and most sought after motivationalists of our generation.

Rahsaan Armand

I had the pleasure to work under Mack McGhee for the DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services from 2016 to 2021. Mack is a visionary leader who had a profound impact on the culture of our workplace by standing steadfast on principles such as professionalism, accountability, communication, and teamwork. As a leader, he displayed the unique skillset to demand discipline and responsibility while also demonstrating a great deal of compassion and empathy for the staff and youth we served. Mack was also a dynamic public speaker whom I’ve witnessed successfully alter the tone of a discussion according to the context’s needs and the audience. Mack excelled at motivating and inspiring others through dialogue and developed an impressive reputation as an orator throughout our organization. Thank you for your guidance and service Mack McGhee.

Douglas White

Mack McGhee offers an insightful, challenging, and rewarding coaching style in working with at-risk youth in Juvenile Justice Centered Management. Mack McGhee is an industry veteran and is a terrific role modeling coach who incorporates a great sense of humor and insight into restorative and therapeutic interventions in youth development. My staff as well I participated in his performance facilitations via a combination of online trainings, face to face interactions on the housing units, and several weeks of in class training.

As a Executive Director of Operations for a Juvenile Detention Facility in New York, I found Mack McGhee’s coaching informative and accretive in terms of widening my knowledge of transformative therapeutic interventions in youth development particularly operational behavior management standard requirements being used in other jurisdictions. Mack McGhee will provide all the tools and resources your Detention Center needs to increase the care, welfare, safety & security of all youth & staff within the facility. I can’t complement him enough for putting together a terrific movement that included coaching, guiding and supporting my staff.

Jamel Nedderman | Executive Director of Operations, NYC Division for Youth and Family Justice | Administration for Children Services

Mack McGhee is a seasoned consultant, business owner, phenomenal speaker and an organizational leader. I have had the pleasure of observing Mack give quite a few collegiate-level Commencement Speeches 20 years ago. At that time, I recognized his unique gift to capture his audience with such impactful words while quoting our most influential historical leaders with life-changing and life-giving messages. Mack is a gift that motivates, exhorts, uplifts and commands with graceful eloquence. His coaching spirit resounds in the simplest conversation today. While following Mack’s career progression, I am delighted to see someone with a genuine heart reach today’s troubled youth in such an effective way. Mack is someone to know and follow as he welcomes the most challenging audiences with grace and confidence.

Wagoner Antoine, MA, Patrolman & School Resource Officer

Mack McGhee is a captivating and inspiring speaker. Mack leaves you empowered and motivated. Not only is he a prolific orator; he possesses amazing leadership skills. Mack pours into others and is committed to cultivating a better environment. Mack McGhee has been a mentor and inspires others to be great through his selfless nature. Mack McGhee is truly an asset to any organization he is involved in.

Dr. Alexis Walker- Team Leader, DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services

Mack McGhee is a fierce educator, facilitator and consultant. A true leader in the field of juvenile justice and systems leadership, Mack will have an impact on any organization. His inspirational and real message on life and what it means to truly care about kids and families will re-energize your faith in humanity! Mack is a genuine professional who leads with his heart and by example.

Licia L. Lentz, Ed.D. | (she, her, hers), Director, Alternative Education Program | Early Childhood, Family and Community Services Division | Allegheny Intermediate Unit

Mack McGhee, in my experience, is not only a compassionate, relatable, and life-experienced speaker. He is also a strong leader and encourager to those that are fortunate to be able to spend time with him. Mack would be a valuable asset to any organization as a speaker, trainer, or consultant.

Nels C Nelson, NC Consulting LLC

I am pleased to be able to speak on Mr. Mack McGhee. I have had the privilege of having a dual involvement with him for the past 10 years.   I have benefited from his  dynamic, thought-provoking teachings as a participant in his seminars  and then as my direct supervisor.

He is an orator who is able to infuse history, cultural diversity, philosophy, and subject matter all in one session.  He empowers the ability to motivate and empower others to be their best authentic selves.  You will always walk away from your interaction with inspiration and a desire to want to do more. As a speaker, McGhee possess the ability to command attention and respect without saying a word.  His physical presence exudes self-confidence,  genuineness and deep-rooted faith.

As a supervisor, he was relatable, consistent, and supportive.  He provided clear, honest feedback and he had the ability to meet you where you were yet encouraging you with his interactions to strive to be the best image of yourself.   I  appreciate his guidance and his ability to make me stretch past what “ I thought” and see things in a broader picture.  I can say that he definitely aided in my professional enhancement and development.  I am most appreciative and glad that  I was able to be a part of his team.

Joi Buford | Program Manager, District of Columbia Government

I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Mack since college over 25 years ago. I am in awe of his professional career growth in such a challenging field. Above it all, it is refreshing to see his commitment to helping and guiding the troubled youth of America all while being a role model to them, his peers and his daughter.

In my recent business interaction with him addressing the pipeline to prison controversy, not only did his down to earth style shine through, but paired with his knowledge of the subject and experience in the topics were both effective and inspiring. Mack truly has the ability to address a serious topic in a way that keeps his audience engaged and wanting to hear more. His passion and dedication to his craft is clear in his speaking whether on stage or one on one.

Mack is a courageous speaker who uses his own personal story to encourage others. His candid and witty presentation skills would help to insure the success of any event.

JeTaun Newcomb-Osborne - Certified Career Coach, Community Resource, Professional Speaker, Staffing Manager

I had the privilege of being an Executive Coach to Mr. Mack McGhee, working closely with him as he strategized through some of the most difficult times in the history of the country, as a one of the top leaders at a juvenile justice facility. He confidently faced every challenge with courage and distinction. I observed him as a reliable, dedicated, and a consummate professional who takes his work very seriously.

His presence exudes strength and his attributes characterize him as a guardian of hope in a very dark world. His unique qualities make him stand out as someone who can be trusted to deliver the goods and get the job done. I see him as a person of real integrity.

Dr. LaVerne Adams, Chief Executive Coach, Total Life Consultancy LLC
I have had the honor and privilege of working with Mack McGhee for a number of years. He has proven to be a man of integrity and a servant leader. Mr. McGhee has a unique way of always seeing a positive opportunity in every situation and inspires others to do the same. I have been blessed to experience him speak on many occasions. It is clear that he is gifted, skilled, and poetic at using his words to educate, inspire and influence others. If excellence has a language, Mack McGhee speaks it fluently.
Japheth L. Claude, PhD., Author, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist
I had the pleasure of working closely with Mr. McGhee on the implementation of Restorative Justice in secure settings including New Beginnings Youth Development Center and Youth Services Center. His support and vision were examples of a true leader determined to change a system and the lives of young people under his care. I had the pleasure of being a part of a cohort with Mr. McGhee where we completed the Youth in Custody Certificate Program at Georgetown University and became Center for Juvenile Justice Reform Fellows in 2018. Mr. McGhee is the epitome of a true leader.
Rashida George, Founder, Institute for a Restorative Future, LLC
I met Mack McGhee about 3 years ago at New Beginnings Youth Development Center. Immediately I knew that he was a great man of God. I witnessed him speak at several meetings within the facility and he had the ability to command the room and keep everyone engaged. I also had the opportunity to tour the facility with Mack McGhee and it was apparent how instrumental he was to the staff as well as the residents.
Shawn Conley, Credible Messenger Grow Up, Grow Out
Mack McGhee is a dynamic orator. I have had the great pleasure of hearing Mr. McGhee speak at various events, in different locations, and to very different people. He is always engaging, captivating and entertaining. From poems, to quotes, to heartfelt speeches; everyone walks away feeling wiser for having been present to hear his words. I also had the opportunity to serve as manager under his leadership. I could always count on him to be fair and impartial. I can even recall a moment when I went to discuss a concern involving a colleague and Mr. McGhee called the person to discuss the matter right on the spot. He taught me to ensure that what I had to say about anyone always be factual because you never know when you will have to back up your words. I grew as a man and as a manager with Mr. McGhee as my supervisor. I will always consider him a mentor and man to model.
Karl. W. Bruce, Treatment Manager / Supervisory Youth Development Representative , DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services
Watching Mack McGhee from the sidelines was a wonderful experience. Working with him hands-on provided me with a lifetime of lessons learned. Mack McGhee has taught me valuable irreplaceable lessons. As a mentor, a colleague, a supervisor and friend; he saw my potential and pushed me to no ends and I am forever grateful. His trust in my ability to succeed as an employee and motivational speaker provided me with sure confidence.

Mack McGhee is an intelligent, charismatic, humble man from small beginnings. If you have ever heard him speak, he is very transparent with his upbringing. Story sharing is a highlight of his presentations. When given a task or an assignment he will be well prepared which I have witness first hand. Studying is a strong skill of his. Mack has a soft touch with words never making one feel inferior but always educating and challenging you. He has a compassionate heart towards the youth. Constantly looking for ways to make positive changes in the facilities and in the communities. The Juvenile Justice Reformer.

Mack has the ability to motivate, encouraged, inspire and change the lives of others; it’s who he is and what he does. He is truly gifted and purposed as displayed by his effortless way of delivering his messages. When he speaks there is always something said to capture your attention. Thus, the Speaker Mack McGhee. Mack’s roles in the Juvenile Justice arena as well in his other human service field as a trainer, conference presenter, and administrator demonstrates his professional leadership skills. It is a pleasure to know him for over 20 years and worked along his side for six years as his Executive Assistant with DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services.

Tammie Terry, MPA, Amplified Voice
A leader is one who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way” -John Maxwell. Mr. Mack McGhee is truly the epitome of this quote and an example of steadfast leadership. His genuine passion to pour into others and commitment toward empowering and changing lives speaks volumes. Mr. McGhee inspires and encourages youth, staff, and communities through his testimonies, experience, and knowledge. I truly appreciate his leadership and enjoy his light, high energy, and positivity that he delivers through his work and speaking engagements.
April Finley. Supervisory Youth Development Specialist, DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services

Mack McGhee is phenomenal! His passion and dedication for his work exudes and captivates audiences engaging them in his truth and powerful thought-provoking teaching experiences. Audiences are left wanting to hear more because Mack has a unique ability to fully engulf participants with his message. He is a true wordsmith incorporating storytelling with quotes from historical leaders to gravitate his message as a powerful teaching and preaching tool toward change. As a leader, Mack has a strong, caring personality that permits his students and audience to engage their own vulnerability by looking within themselves to challenge old perspectives with new experiences. I have known Mack personally and professionally for quite some time and have always been fascinated by his ability to motivate, guide, and inspire those under is tutelage. He is a true leader and has positively influenced so many lives throughout his tireless efforts to create a world of peace and justice.

Jannifer L. Nevilles, MA, MPA, Juvenile Justice and Criminal Justice Professional
Mack McGhee is a an audience captivating artist. I’ve known Mack for years and not only have I had the pleasure of hearing Mack speak in forums of all kinds, but I’ve had a front row seat in watching one of the most electrifying men in his craft go to work speaking, while putting injustice on notice demonstrating the true character of a leader and that’s what Mack represents.

What makes Mack unique is his ability to appeal to every individual in that space, while taking you through a journey into his thoughts. Mack has delivered in not only the Juvenile Justice arena as well in his other human service endeavors. Mack possesses a relentless work ethic and has the ability to affect change. I would recommend Mack McGhee to anyone looking to inspire, cultivate a culture, or blaze a new trail for your organization. What I can tell you is Mack McGhee will always excite and deliver.

Willie Fullilove, Juvenile Justice Reformist

Mack McGhee
They say McGhee is speaking, then I’ll be there to listen. Mr. McGhee is confident, knowledgeable, intelligent and as smooth as they come. Mr. McGhee speaks with purpose, connects with the audience and always hits his mark.

If Mack McGhee is leading anything, you can count on it being organized, effective, innovative and everyone around him will get better. He knows how to talk to people in ways to instill confidence and purpose in the big picture of his vision.

Donta Smith, Deputy Superintendent | DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services

Mr. Mack McGhee is an extraordinary motivational speaker, leader and coach. For over 10 years Mr. McGhee has impacted my life both professionally and personally. He is very passionate about inspiring others . There is not many in the nation that can do what Mack does when it comes to the qualities listed above

LaShaun Jones, Juvenile Justice Professional / Consultant

I have had the distinct privilege of working alongside Mack for over the last fifteen years. Mack is a professional in every sense of the word. Mack is charismatic, intelligent and overall just an out of the box thinker and strategic about all things. He is a world renowned leader in the criminal justice system, a trailblazing leader and a wealth of resources and motivation. Mack is most certainly a gem, an earthly treasure and has paved the way for many young African American men who needed hope restored and a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Mack’s keynote speeches and empowerment abilities are a game changer and have literally catapulted his career to a place where his potential for success is exponential. Mack’s voice and presence alone is captivating, his words provokes one’s greatness and his ability to deliver infuses individuals to make life changing decisions that ultimately positively impact their lives.

Bernada Nicole Baker, PhD., Community Psychologist | Soul Therapist | Spiritual Alchemist

Mack McGhee is an outstanding speaker who brings wisdom and motivation with every word uttered. His ability to articulate in both written and verbal format provides his audience a clear understanding and inspires them to put the principles into practice. Mack comes with a wealth of experience which allows him to use real and relevant examples when providing support and guidance. He is a skilled coach and mentor, truly a purpose driven leader.

Keisha Isaacs MS, Principal Consultant, K Isaacs Consulting LLC

How do you encourage, motivate, and help change the narrative within a community and society? Through words and speaking to address perspectives and possibilities. Such is what Mack McGhee does, over the past six years not only have I witnessed the power and impact of his presence as a speaker, but I have also seen the effect that he exudes when around people. His words have set precedence in choosing and making decisions. To help change the narrative one needs to understand the community, Mack McGhee has used his positive communication skills as a tool to break through boundaries. His passion to speak has been tested and challenged in settings that require resilience. He continued to use his words to defy the odds and build layers of trust with staff and At-Risk Youth in the Juvenile Facility. Mack McGhee continues to inspire and challenge communities to find hope and faith in themselves. The beauty of life is not only through living, but also by appreciating the qualities that quantify the change around us. Such is what Mack McGhee does.

Nkosinathi Mncube, Restorative Justice Coordinator, DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services

Mack McGhee is an amazing well-prepared speaker. His passion and sincerity is obvious from his presentation. I left his presentation informed and armed with the tools to transform my life. I would highly recommend him for your organization and you will not be disappointed.

David A. Gethers, CEO David A. Gethers Speaks, LLC

I have known Mack McGhee for the past 15 years. During that time, I’ve found Mack to be a dynamic speaker. He speaks with enthusiasm and compassion. It’s obvious he is gifted. He has the uncanny ability to relate to his audience quickly grabbing their attention. As a motivational speaker, Mack is in the business of restoring hope, rebuilding dreams and saving lives. I would highly recommend Mack for your organization

Michael McGrone, Principal, Illinois Youth Center - Chicago, Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice

I have had the privilege to listen to gifted orators over the past three decades, Mack McGhee ranks among the best. His style is infectious because he speaks from his heart while leaning on decades of experiences on the front line and in leadership roles. He is authentic. He is dynamic. He is a proven change agent. And, his words educate and motivate others to get results!!

Kweku Ramel Smith, PhD Licensed Psychologist , R Kweku Akyirefi Blaquesmith, PhD, LP (Ramel Smith) / President BLAQUESMITH, LLC

I have had the pleasure of speaking on national platforms as well as a major consultation project with Mack McGhee.  His many years of experience at the administrative level in juvenile justice provides him with unique perspective and insight as he presents to audiences around the country.  His intellectual and emotional intelligence is second to none.  Mack presents with a precision that is clear enough for even a novice in the field to comprehend.  His message is not only highly informative but motivational in nature. Mack has proven successful in applying theory into practice.  He is engaging and is a natural in communicating with his audiences.  I highly recommend him as a presenter and/or trainer in the field of juvenile justice and child welfare.

Richard Gentry, M.A.F.S., President and Founder, RG Strategic Interventions L.L.C.

Good morning Mr. McGhee

It certainly was an honor and privilege to hear you deliver such a life altering message. The men I brought from the Roederer Correctional Complex talked about your speech all the way back to the institution. I would really like to find out so more information about requesting you to speak to one of our graduation classes.

I run a 200 minimum/community custody Substance Abuse Program, I have the only program in the state that house not only inmates, but parolee’s as well. I would love to share more with you about my program, but I would love to find out if there is a cost associated with having you to come to speak and all other particulars.

I would certainly provide you with a testimonial, I will follow up with you later this week with that request. I want to put some thought into what I would like to express.

Brother it is clear that you are working within God’s will and purpose for your life!

I was encouraged, inspired and honored to meet you.


Sheila Y Rucker, B.A., CDVA, Corrections Program Administrator / Roederer Correctional Complex / Therapeutic Community

Mack McGhee is an amazing gift to all those who have the privilege of hearing one of his talks or trainings. He has an amazing ability to turn confusion into concept. The first time I heard him speak, I knew then, taking notes and applying his concepts would definitely benefit my life and my business.

Mike Robinson, President & CEO, Power N U 2

In my Experiences with the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice, Cook County Juvenile Detention Center, and attendance at various industry conferences, I have had the pleasure of working with many of the industry’s brightest minds; however, Mack McGhee ranks among the very best speakers I have ever encountered. His speeches on Juvenile Justice, accountability, youth empowerment, and professional development have influenced industry leaders across many states.

Mack McGhee is a phenomenal speaker, captivating you at his opening sentence and holding you hostage to every word until he ends. His ability to use his words to visualize the people, places, and spaces being spoken on is impressive. You walk away with a fresh perspective on the topic at hand. Mack McGhee’s communication is authentic; he is a true expert in his field and has the perfect dose of humor, which is difficult for most presenters. Several times his comments were punctuated by spontaneous applause from the audience.

To conclude, if I were asked to describe Mack McGhee, I would say intelligent, witty, captivating, professional, intuitive, and one of the best motivational speakers I had the pleasure of growing from professionally and personally.

Millicent Lewis McCoy, Director of Corrections Transition Programs, Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC)

When Mack speaks, people listen. He is a charismatic speaker who makes audience engagement and connection look effortless. he has a knack for making the complex both relatable and consumable. He is always well prepared and authentic in his presentation. When you think of a skillful orator, you definitely think of Mack McGhee.

Kenya D. Key, PsyD, CCHP-MH, Deputy Director of Health Services / Licensed Clinical Psychologist / DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services

I’ve had the pleasure of attending several of Mack McGhee’s presentations. Mack truly knows how to move the crowd. His engagement and authenticity is just what the Juvenile Justice field needs.

Mark Hamlett, Superintendent of New Beginnings Youth Development Center / DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services

I had the pleasure of hearing Mack McGhee speak in Los Angeles . It wasn’t long before it was apparent this gentle giant would touch the hearts and lives of all those whose path he will cross. He spoke with such passion and sincerity. His personal testimony reduced me to tears and I remember thinking how I had to get my own sons to one of his speaking engagements. When someone speaks from the heart and chooses to allow you into their intimate space to bless and encourage you, it is an encouragement. Mack McGhee is an extraordinary man and prolific speaker whose message is insightful and liberating. His message has the power and fervor to liberate young men around the globe particularly African-American men.

Lauren Pitts