Mack provides consulting & training that helps organizations equip individuals to accomplish their visions, missions and goals.

Mack accomplishes

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Vision development

  • Training

  • Program Design

  • Program evaluation

  • Management Studies

  • Organizational Needs Inventories

  • Technical Training Assistance

  • Planning Research

Mack’s clients include:

  • Small Businesses

  • Professional Organizations

  • Government

  • Private Health

  • Social Service Agencies

Mack possesses a wide variety of experiences.

That experience includes managing organizations, developing and delivering quality staff development services for staff at all levels of an organization, coordinating human resource services, developing performance appraisal systems, facilitating leadership development, providing executive coaching and mentoring services, operating community corrections facilities, conducting standards compliance audits, providing contract monitoring, conducting staffing analysis, facilitating goal setting and long range planning, conducting management evaluations and/or program evaluations, coordinating planning projects, and providing expert consultation.

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